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“Equity Crowdfunding for the World’s Largest
Music and Art Projects 2015”

We will be raising funds through Equity Crowdfunding for MusicflowWorldwide LLC which is a Startup Company. The company will be located in the central part of the United States of America. You will be investing in the “World’s Music and Art Projects”. Our business is to create unique marketing plans for our World platform in the music and art world as seen on our first of many websites MFWEClub

Please note that we are not accepting any money at this time because we are “testing the waters’ we will make sure that our business is in compliance with the SEC rules. Once that is done we can move forward together into the world of creations and the new financial system that has changed the world forever. Take a look at our website MFWEClub and you can work out the impact on this world.

MusicflowWorldwide LLC wishes to only work with the World’s top businesses and best artists and musicians picked by MusicflowWorldwide LLC because we believe that the new financial system was designed to bring the best out of the business world. The new system Jobs act Regulation A+ by the United States Security Commission also for the first time has allowed every ordinary person to have the chance of investing in startup creations so we at MusicflowWorldwide LLC wish to use this opportunity to bring new projects to this world.

Please note that the accredited investors may contact us anytime for more information. All others may respond with your comments through our investor page form by showing your interest.


Paul Thayil,
From the Founder/Creator of MFWW
Arkansas U.S.A

Phone: 417-619-1792


Since all MusicFlowWordWide projects created are designed for the World platform all plans are protected by International copyright laws of Paris Convention article 10bis United Nations.

We’d love to hear how we can help you.

Investors please send questions to MusicflowWorldwide